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Take the Pain out of Testing

Whether a small site or a complex application - I help make testing simple and painless

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Powerful and Versatile

I come standard with a wide range of features to help you test your sites more efficiently

"The Aesthetic"

Spell Check

I'll run each of your pages through a spell checker, testing the content against a standard English dictionary. Then I'll display the results in an easy to consume report, including the number of occurrences and the pages that they appear on. You can easily add words for me to ignore either before you run a test through the options menu, or while you review the results from the report itself.

Broken Links

I understand the pain of broken links - for a web app it can feel like losing an arm. That's why I make it quick and easy to test links across all of your pages so you can find and fix all those pesky broken links without the hassle of combing through each page one at a time. Together we can reunite your sites and apps with their missing content and help deliver the best experience possible to your end users.

Browser Screenshots

Sometimes designing for a range of popular browsers can feel like working in a hall of mirrors. This one's too wide, this one too tall, that other too thin. I can't make FireFox work like IE 8, but I can make it quick and easy to test your website across a range of the most common browsers including Chrome, Safari, FireFox, and IE 8 through 11. I'll even compare each page and flag the ones that have substantial variation between browsers making it easy to find potential problem areas.


It can be difficult to test for accessibility best practices, but making sure your site is 508 compliant can help you to reach a far wider audience. I can help make that process a bit easier. By testing for a number of accessibility best practices, I can help identify ways in which you can make your site more accessible and screen reader friendly.


There's nothing better than an app that runs smooth and loads fast. I love testing performance metrics to increase load speeds and the overall performance for your site. From coding best practices, to optimizing images, and even minifying your code I not only identify places where performance can be improved, but also provide easy download links for more optimized versions of elements on your web pages.

"The Functional"

Automated Script Creation

An automated test is one of the easiest ways to test the functionality of you site, but often it can be a pain to create the scripts. My team of scripting wizards can help you create working test scripts with ease so you don't have to wrestle with the coding to test your functions quickly and automatically.

Expert Consultation

Having trouble creating a script to test exactly what you want it to? Running into unexpected issues with your current test scripts? I can help put you in touch with a team of test automation experts who are always ready to give you a hand, or even create your scripts for you.

Run Tests Across Browsers

It can be a nightmare trying to test the functionality of your site across a range of browsers. It always seems that what works in one never does in another. While the web might always present a daunting challenge for cross browser compatibility, at the very least I can make it easy to run your tests across the most popular browsers to make it easier to isolate and fix any problems for each.

Quickly compare results

My user friendly reports make it easy to identify which scripts passed, which failed, and where the problems occurred. I'll even provide screenshots for each problem found so that you can quickly see what wasn't working and what you need to change. And once you have your report I make it easy to share reports quickly and painlessly, so you can get the relevant information to the people who need it.

Plus All the Aesthetic Tests

On top of all this functional testing I can run all of the Aesthetic tests from your automated scripts, checking even those areas of your site that can't be reached without user interaction for spelling errors, broken links, page layout issues, accessibility best practices, and performance enhancements.

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CAI, Inc. is headquartered in Pennsylvania, with offices and staff throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. CAI offers a variety of delivery options including on-site, off-site, and blended solutions. Our Solution Delivery Centers enable our global staff of 3,000 technical and managerial professionals to quickly and effectively respond to client requirements.

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